the north face Spreading awesomeIf you ha

Spreading awesome

If you have an awesome idea but a lack of cash is standing in your way, the north face the brand new Windsor Essex chapter of the Awesome Foundation wants to help.

Dean of Awesome Nicole Adan yes, that her official title officially opened the call for applications at the Squirrel Cage cafe in downtown Windsor Monday morning. 13, with the team selecting four applicants to pitch their ideas in person at the same cafe a month later.

The foundation 13 trustees will then choose their favourite and give away $1,000 of their own money to make the idea a reality. Every two months, they plan to do it again.

Why? about doing stuff that puts smiles on people faces, Adan said. just want to be able to make Windsor Essex awesome, whatever that looks like to you. you think the sidewalks would look better covered in glitter, or the sculptures at the sculpture park look a little cold the north face without some hand knit scarves and hats, or one of the Caesars Windsor floodlights should project the bat symbol. These are the types of small, awesome things the Awesome Foundation wants to fund.

Founded in Boston in 2009, the Awesome Foun the north face dation now has chapters in more than 25 cities around the world.

Karen Kahelin, one of the Awesome Windsor Essex trustees, said she investing her time and money in the idea because she likes the fact the concept is open to anyone and anything.

have really good ideas and all they need is a little cash, she said. a little bit of the north face money sometimes that makes a big impact. get some ideas flowing, Awesome Windsor Essex has hidden 13 bags with $13 in each of them throughout Windsor and Essex County.

are lots of folks across Windsor Essex who have great ideas, Adan said. overthink it just be awesome.

Karen Kahelin is one of 13 trustees providing funding for bimonthly grants for awesome ideas through Awesome Windsor Essex.

Dean of Awesome Nicole Adan shows off one of 13 bags containing $13 hidden throughout Windsor and Essex County. If you find one, the foundation wants you to use the $13 to do something awesome.