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State Attorney Adam Finkel Arrested After Fighting With Purdy Lounge Doorman

via CBS MiamiPurdy Lounge has one South Beach’s most straightforward door policies. If there’s room, you can come in. If the club is at capacity, you have to wait in line. Yet there are still d bags out there who think they can pull some line cutting nonsense.

That didn’t work out too well for 26 year old assistant state attorney Adam Finkel. He got himself arrested this weekend after causing a scene at north face jackets the door.

According to the arrest report obtained by Random Pixels, an off duty police officer heard Finkel get into an altercation with Purdy’s doorman early Sunday morning. The doorman informed Finkel he had to wait in line, but Finkel continued to argue with the doorman. The doorman then informed Finkel that he was no longer welcome at Purdy.

Finkel attempted to barge through the door anyway, but the doorman blocked him. Finkel then took “an aggressive fighting stance.” The off duty officer intervened and told Finkel to leave before he got into any more trouble. Finkel decided to take out his wallet and flashed his State Attorney’s Office badge.

“We work on the same side,” Finkel allegedly told the officer.

The officer wasn’t swayed and again told Finkel to leave.

Finkel then got in the officer’s face and pushed his chest. The officer gave him several opportunities to leave, but Finkel kept playing tough guy. The officer noticed that Finkel smelled of alcohol and h north face jackets ad bloodshot eyes and slurred speech.

The officer then placed handcuffs on Finkel, but before the officer could restrain both hands, Finkel began spinning. Eventually the officer was able to north face jackets fully cuff him.

Finkel has been charged with disorderly intoxication, trespassing after a warning, and resisting an officer without violence.
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We can only imagine how his Monday morning back at the office is going.

All of that trouble just to try to get into Purdy. Just wait in line next time. Furthermore, you’re an officer of the court and even more a prosecutor 24/7.

The really sad thing is that every year or so, there’s some idiot that flashes his badge thinking it holds some weight. All of us (prosecutors) are warned about this on the first week of training. And they tell you that you will be fired. If he had only listened to the lecture rather than playing Candy Crush, this may have never happened.